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What makes sockeye salmon so unique? - Kohne Family Seafoods

Adam Kohne | 27 June, 2022

            What makes sockeye salmon so unique? - Kohne Family Seafoods

Sockeye salmon are Olympic athletes

Before they reach your plate, wild sockeye salmon are Olympic-medalist strong and gleamingly healthy! After all, they compete their entire lives. Consider that they begin their lives in a small stream in the wilds of Alaska, Canada, or the Pacific Northwest, then swim a thousand miles or more to reach their feeding grounds! As these lean athletes dart and weave to avoid predators, they consume protein-rich crustaceans and plankton to fuel their long journey back home.

Millions of healthy, robust sockeye salmon swim upstream on their destined journey to complete their life cycle and ensure future runs, thanks to nature. Sockeye caught inYakutat Alaska byKohne Family Seafoods for your dinner plate are the healthiest champions of their species! They are the gold medalists who humbly provide you with the most nourishing food available.

Sockeye salmon are nutritional powerhouses.

Sockeye salmon in the wild have lived freely, eating what nature intended them to eat: crustaceans, plankton, and small fish. Sockeye salmon are high innutrients. They're well-known for being one of the healthiest protein sources available and high in Vitamin A and Covid-fighting Vitamin D-3.

And you've probably heard about their polyunsaturated long-chain omega-3 fats?

These are the healthy fats our bodies require, and salmon provides them in a form that our bodies can easily absorb. These essential fatty acids aid in the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, and they can help with rheumatoid arthritis pain. They may even reduce your chances of developing certain types of cancer or Alzheimer's disease. Your health will improve if you eat a lot of wild sockeye salmon.

Sockeye salmon are intense.

Sockeye salmon are smaller and more compact than other varieties, resulting in firmer flesh. It can withstand grilling and roasting. Sockeye salmon has a more robust flavor than other types of salmon and is distinguished by its distinctive dark red color. Because their flavor is so distinct and delicious on its own, they encourage the use of simpler recipes. You don't want to overpower these unique fish with sauces or spices, so season them lightly so you can enjoy their distinct flavor.

Sockeye Salmon is unique.

We, like many others, rejoice in all salmon! There's Salmonfest, Salmon Run, Salmon Days, and several other Salmon Festivals. There are dozens of Salmon Facebook pages, including one for Salmon Poetry. Prints of Salmon Art are available for purchase as well.

There's a Salmon Dance, a Happy Salmon Card Game, and a catchy Pacific Salmon Song to help you learn all five salmon varieties.

But Sockeye Salmon is simply the best in taste, nutrition, stamina, prestige, distinction, status, prominence, cachet, and outrageous great taste!

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