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Stop Eating Fake Salmon

Adam Kohne | 15 February, 2022

            Stop Eating Fake Salmon

The best way to be sure you're getting your seafood from a sustainable and reputable source is by looking at what they call it. If the word "organic" comes up, then there's no doubt in my mind that this product wasfarmed-not wild caught!

Wild-caught salmon is definitely the healthier option, and it is becoming more popular every day. Salmon farming costs less than wild caught and has higher yields which means that consumers are likely to pay more for its deceitful taste without realizing what they're eating - farmed salmon contains 20.5% more saturated fat per serving (more than double) and that's the fat you don’t want.

Americans are increasingly choosing salmon as their dinner option. Unfortunately, farmed fish often contains higher fat content and antibiotics which makes it an unhealthy option compared to wild caught seafood--even though it may cost less!

The dirty truth is that not all fish labeled as wild-caught are wild caught. Farm-raised and farmed animals can also be called “wild” for marketing purposes, but they don't have the same nutritional benefits or taste. 

Kohne Family Seafoods provides you with only wild caught salmon and halibut caught and packaged by us, for you. No guessing whether or not it is wild.

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